Rochester Rockets

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On April 8th, 1956, the ORFU accepted the application of the Rochester Pros to join the league, pending approval by the CRU. A proposal to merge the ORFU with the New York Football Conference was not considered. On April 22nd, the CRU approved the Rochester team joining the ORFU.

On June 3rd, Vince Mazza was named coach by Eddie Grain, Rochester GM. On July 22nd, Charlie Maloy signed as QB/assistant coach with the club.

Initially called the Rochester Pros, but prior to their first exhibition game, the team changed the name to the Rochester Rockets after their quarterback, who was known as the "Rochester Rocket" in his high school playing days.

After their second regular season home game, the team was prohibited from playing at Aquinas stadium due to neighbourhood complaints. Edgerton Park was the alternative home field for the club, but no games were ever played there. In seeking alternatives, home games in other locations like Buffalo were considered but never materialized.

In early October, their quarterback and assistant coach Charlie Maloy was drafted into military service.

The stadium situation and a poor record led to a financial crisis for the club. Though arrangements were made with the ORFU to increase their take from road games, no directors of the club would sign a $5,000 performance bond, and the club quietly folded on Oct. 10th, with the last game played Sept. 28th.

On Nov. 10th, the remnants of the Rockets merged with the semi-pro Rochester Stars.