1940 Regina Roughriders Game Participation by Player

Jersey Name Position Experience
League (Team)
Capraru, Danny HB R (1st) Unknown 7
Garuik, Johnny G 5th (9th) Unknown 7
Geddes, Eddie HB 2nd (2nd) 19 Regina Dales Jr. 8
Geller, Norm HB, K R (1st) Unknown Winnipeg YMHA Jr. 7
Griffing, Dean Jr. C 5th (5th) 27 Kansas State 8
Holt, Lindsay E 3rd (4th) 24 ‡ Regina Dales Jr. 3
King, Don G, T R (1st) 21 Regina Dales Jr. 7
Kinney, Jimmy QB R (1st) Unknown 8
Lander, Jim QB, K 5th (5th) 27 Kansas State 5
March, Charley E R (1st) Unknown 5
Martin, Jack E R (3rd) Unknown Regina Dales Jr. 8
Nargang, Fred U R (1st) Unknown 7
Oltean, Alex U R (1st) Unknown 1
Platz, Martin E 2nd (1st) Unknown 3
Potts, Doug HB R (1st) Unknown 8
Powell, Ray G R (1st) Unknown 8
Preston, Ken FW R (1st) 22 Queen's 7
Pumple, Jack U R (1st) Unknown 2
-- Pyne, Fran C 2nd (3rd) 21 Regina Dales Jr. 0
Pyne, Wayne T R (1st) 22 Regina Dales Jr. 8
Ring, Jack HB R (1st) Unknown 6
Simonsen, Ernie “Si” HB 2nd (2nd) Unknown 8
Springstein, Clarence “Toar” T, K 2nd (2nd) 21 Manitoba 8
Stein, Arthur G, T R (1st) Unknown 1
Stein, Frank G, T 5th (5th) Unknown 5
Stilwell, Harpo C R (1st) Unknown Regina Dales Jr. 8
Thompson, Don HB 2nd (2nd) Unknown 8
Thompson, Ken E R (1st) Unknown 8
-- Walker, Bob G, T 5th (6th) Unknown 0
Williams, Moe G 2nd (2nd) 23 ‡ 8

– Age at start of 1940 season (Aug. 30, 1940).
– Exact birth date unknown. Age is approximate and may be ±1 year or more.


  • 30 — Steve Daniel/CFL (Player participation)


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