The Saskatchewan Roughriders Player Roster for the 1957 Season

1957 Saskatchewan Roughriders Game Participation by Player
Jersey Name Position Experience
League (Team)
Adam, Ron QB 4th (4th) 14
Anderson, Paul T 5th (5th) 15
Atchison, Ron G 6th (6th) 16
Carpenter, Ken HB 4th (4th) 7
Clarke, Bill T 7th (7th) 16
Cockrell, Gene “Bud” T R (1st) 12
Donnelly, Tom HB 3rd (3rd) 9
Dundas, Ron E 2nd (2nd) 16
Glass, Bill G, T R (1st) 11
Glasser, Sully HB 12th (12th) 13
Hamilton, Freddy G, HB 6th (6th) 14
Hatch, Charlie E R (1st) 7
Herbertson, Dick E 2nd (1st) 3
Hill, Jack HB, K R (1st) 14
Isbell, Larry HB, P 4th (4th) 16
Killoh, Doug E 5th (5th) 16
Laack, Galen G, LB R (1st) 7
LeGault, Len T R (1st) 16
Lunn, Harry HB 3rd (3rd) 16
MacDonnell, Benny G 7th (1st) 3
Marks, Vic FB 2nd (2nd) 12
Marlow, Bobby HB 5th (5th) 13
Martin, Moe FB 5th (5th) 12
Merz, Wally E R (1st) 16
Parsons, Dale C R (2nd) 14
Robichaux, Milt E R (1st) 3
Ruby, Martin T 7th (7th) 2
Tait, George E 3rd (4th) 15
Tripucka, Frank QB 5th (5th) 16
Wahlmeier, Galen C, LB R (1st) 15
Walsh, Don “Nobby” G 5th (3rd) 16
Wesley, Sam HB R (1st) 15
West, Bill FB R (1st) 8
Whitehouse, Reg G, K 6th (6th) 16
Williams, Stan E 5th (5th) 15
Witte, John T R (1st) 13