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List of Saskatchewan Roughriders “W” Players 1946–2019
NamePositionRegular GP# of Seasons (Years)Also played for
Waddell, JimmyHB11 (1956)SAR
Wagner, AaronLB81 (2009)TOR
Wahl, TedQB181 (1991)
Wahlmeier, GalenC, LB, T789 (1957–1961, 1963, 1965–1967)
Waite, RobT82 (1983–1984)BC, CGY
Walker, DerekDT212 (2014–2015)
Walker, Eddie RayDB414 (1985–1986, 1988–1989)
Walker, ElbertT31 (1974)
Walker, GerranWR192 (2008–2009)
Walker, JabirDB112 (2002–2003)
Walker, JamesDE31 (1986)CGY
Walker, JohnDE32 (1987–1988)
Walker, LeonWR31 (1980)
Wallace, DarrellRB62 (1993–1994)BC, CGY
Wallace, VicWR41 (1984)CGY
Walling, BrianRB31 (1989)EDM, HAM, TOR
Walsh, Don “Nobby”DT, G, K, LB, T13510 (1955–1964)CGY
Walter, JimDB604 (1970–1973)MTL, TOR
Walter, MattRB61 (2016)CGY
Walters, JoeyWR596 (1977–1982)WPG
Walters, RickRB, SB, WR545 (1994–1998)CGY, EDM
Wardien, DelHB937 (1948–1954)CGY
Washburn, CliftonOL01 (2009)EDM, TOR
Washington, DaveTE31 (1963)WPG
Washington, JimRB91 (1980)WPG
Washington, JohnDB31 (1976)
Washington, MikeWR122 (2007–2008)
Washington, MikeRB313 (1982–1984)
Washington, StanleyWR61 (1984)MTL, TOR
Wasiela, KonradDB41 (2008)BC, MTL
Waszczuk, MikeLB11 (2001)HAM
Waters, JakeQB21 (2016)HAM
Watford, DavidQB181 (2018)HAM
Watman, CoreyC, OL493 (2013–2015)TOR
Watson, CoryWR151 (2019)BC, EDM, WPG
Watson, PaulK161 (1981)
Watson, PeteRB81 (1974)TOR
Weathers, WayneDL252 (2004–2005)TOR, WPG
Webster, KenG31 (1963)
Webster, MattDB, LB363 (2014–2016)TOR
Wedley, JackE141 (1951)TOR
Weir, KenT373 (1949–1951)
Weiss, DonQB101 (1970)WPG
Wellman, RyanDL62 (2014–2015)
Wells, GeorgeDE685 (1974–1978)HAM, TOR
Wesley, SamHB151 (1957)
West, BillFB81 (1957)
West, BrandonRB202 (2011–2012)
West, BernardLB132 (1981–1982)HAM
West, DanDB111 (2015)OTT, WPG
West, DaleDB, HB1067 (1962–1968)
Wester, CurtisG161 (1979)BC, TOR
Wetmore, PaulLB31 (1993)BC, OTT
Wheelwright, Ernie IVWR21 (2011)
White, ChrisDT31 (2002)
White, George Jr.DB, LB413 (2000–2002)BC, CGY
White, MarkusDL112 (2014–2015)
White, RichardLB61 (1984)BC
Whitehouse, RegG, K, T23615 (1952–1966)
Whitehouse, TomT172 (1958–1959)
Whitney, KenT41 (1994)BC, CGY, OTT, TOR
Whittle, RickyRB41 (1999)
Wiggins, SteveDB21 (1989)
Wilburn, BarryDB161 (1993)BC, WPG
Wilburn, SteveDT62 (1985–1986)BC, CGY, HAM
Wilder, WillieWR81 (1979)
Wilkins, BruceFB161 (1980)WPG
Williams, B.K.WR293 (1991–1993)BAL, BC, OTT
Williams, FredHB21 (1977)
Williams, HalHB12 (1959–1960)
Williams, JonDT11 (2016)BC, CGY, OTT, TOR
Williams, K.D.LB122 (1997, 2002)HAM, WPG
Williams, KoreyWR82 (2014–2015)BC
Williams, MarquiseQB81 (2017)
Williams, MauriceG61 (1948)REG
Williams, MickDL91 (2012)
Williams, Paul Jr.DB453 (1976–1978)WPG
Williams, RenauldLB414 (2007–2009, 2013)HAM
Williams, RodCB, DB192 (2013–2014)EDM
Williams, SamLB41 (2017)
Williams, SeanteDL71 (2008)
Williams, ShomariLB724 (2010–2012, 2014)CGY, HAM
Williams, StanE, HB625 (1953–1957)
Williams-Lambert, JordanWR202 (2018–2019)
Willis, OdellDL171 (2012)BC, CGY, EDM, WPG
Willis, Remond IIIDE101 (2011)WPG
Wills, ChuckDB11 (1978)WPG
Willy, DrewQB362 (2012–2013)MTL, TOR, WPG
Wilson, DevinSB21 (2015)
Wilson, JustinDB11 (2011)WPG
Wilson, LenHB71 (1960)
Wilson, PeterC61 (1983)BC
Wimbley, Prince IIISB71 (1995)BRM, HAM, LV
Winans, TydusWR21 (1997)
Winfrey, ChuckLB31 (1974)BC, MTL
Witte, JohnT131 (1957)
Wlasiuk, GeneDB, HB1329 (1959–1967)WPG
Woldu, PaulDB, S604 (2012–2015)MTL
Wolf, JimDE11 (1978)HAM, TOR
Woods, HaroldDB51 (1978)HAM, MTL, TOR
Woods, ScottDE31 (1973)
Worden, JimE, TE856 (1964–1969)
Worden, Neil “Bull”FB51 (1959)
Worman, RickQB181 (1991)CGY, EDM
Worobec, JoeG, T81 (1978)EDM, HAM
Woznesensky, LyallDE282 (1981–1982)CGY, HAM, MTL, TOR, WPG
Wozniak, JohnC, LB454 (1953–1956)
Wright, AlE71 (1948)
Wright, DonovanDB121 (1989)BC, HAM, TOR
Wright, RodriqueDL11 (2010)
Wright, RoyHB, K847 (1946–1952)REG
Wyche, Joseph “Bubba”QB483 (1969, 1971–1972)
Wynn, GeorgeDB81 (1992)
Wysocki, PeteLB292 (1973–1974)HAM, TOR
“W” player count: 114