The Toronto Argonauts Player Roster for the 1931 Season

1931 Toronto Argonauts Game Participation by Player
Name Position Experience
League (Team)
Beal, George QB 2nd (2nd) 6
Bell, Clarke G, T R (1st) 6
Bell, W. “Sparky” QB R (1st) 2
Carrick, Alex FW, HB 2nd (2nd) 6
Charney, Moe FW 2nd (2nd) 6
Chepesuik, Mike G, T 2nd (2nd) 6
Darling, Bill E 2nd (2nd) 6
Ferris, Dave G, T R (1st) 3
Gilmour, Bernie E 2nd (2nd) 6
Hutchison, Bruce E 2nd (2nd) 6
Massie, C G, T R (1st) 1
McNichol, Bas G 2nd (2nd) 6
Morris, Allan “Teddy” T R (1st) 6
Mungovan, Ga HB R (1st) 1
Munro, Armour HB 2nd (2nd) 4
Neill, Gordon E 2nd (2nd) 6
Nicholls, Chet G, T R (1st) 6
Palmer, Jim T 2nd (2nd) 6
Shirley, M. FW, G R (1st) 6
Smith, Jack FW, G 2nd (2nd) 6
Staughton, Len G, T 2nd (2nd) 5
Stevenson, Frank E, FW R (2nd) 6
Stollery, Allan T R (1st) 6
Taylor, Jack HB R (2nd) 6
Thomas, Chester G, T 2nd (2nd) 6
Traynor, D. E, T R (1st) 2
Turville, Frank HB, K 2nd (2nd) 6
Vail, Red G 2nd (2nd) 3
Wright, Joe C 2nd (2nd) 6