1939 Toronto Argonauts Game Participation by Player

Jersey Name Position Experience
League (Team)
Barber, George “Mike” HB 3rd (3rd) Unknown 6
Burt, Clary T 4th (3rd) 28 ‡ 6
Evans, Art G, T 5th (5th) Unknown 5
Farmer, Jim HB R (1st) Unknown 5
Ferris, Dave G, T 8th (8th) Unknown 5
Grant, Don G, T R (1st) Unknown 3
Humphries, Al E R (1st) Unknown 5
Levantis, Steve E, T 3rd (3rd) 23 Boston College 6
Lewis, Bud C 2nd (2nd) Unknown 6
MacPherson, Doug E 2nd (5th) Unknown Queen's 6
Miller, Joe T 5th (5th) Unknown 5
Moon, Jack HB R (1st) Unknown 1
Morris, Allan “Teddy” FW, HB 9th (9th) 29 Winnipeg Native Sons Jr. 6
Peck, Charlie E R (1st) Unknown 4
Reid, Pat E 3rd (3rd) Unknown 4
Selkirk, Earl HB, K 5th (5th) Unknown 6
Sirdevan, Frank G R (1st) 25 ‡ 6
Smith, Rodgers “Tuffy” C R (1st) Unknown 1
Sonshine, Harry T 2nd (2nd) 25 Queen's 3
Staughton, Len G, T 10th (10th) 27 Toronto Argonauts Jr. 6
Storey, Roy “Red” HB 4th (4th) 21 6
Stukus, Annis E, QB, K 5th (5th) 24 Toronto Argonauts Jr. 6
Stukus, Frank FB 2nd (2nd) 21 ‡ Central Tech HS (Toronto, ON) 5
Stukus, Bill QB, K 4th (4th) 23 St. Michael's HS (Toronto, ON) 6
-- Thomas, Dave HB R (2nd) Unknown
Thornton, Bernie E 6th (2nd) 27 ‡ Queen's 6
Warman, George “Tiger” G, T R (1st) Unknown Ontario Agricultural College 6
Wedley, Jack E 2nd (2nd) 22 Northern (Vocational) HS (Toronto, ON) 3
West, Art “Whippet” HB, K 4th (4th) 22 ‡ North Collegiate HS (Toronto, ON) 1
Willis, George C R (1st) Unknown Western Ontario 6
Zock, Bill G, T 3rd (3rd) 21 ‡ 4

– Age at start of 1939 season (Oct. 7, 1939).
– Exact birth date unknown. Age is approximate and may be ±1 year or more.


  • 31 — Steve Daniel/CFL (Player participation)


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