1941 Toronto Argonauts Game Participation by Player

Jersey Name Position Regular
Alison, R.G. “Butch” E 29 Toronto (UofT)
Ascott, Les G 19 Peterborough Collegiate HS (Peterborough, ON)
Cooksey, Ollie U Unknown
Cosgrove, Bob T 26 Montana
Coulter, Bob HB 28 ‡ Toronto (UofT)
Cowan, Walker G Unknown
Folwell, Jim HB Unknown
Gaudaur, Jake C 20 Orillia HS (Orillia, ON)
Henry, (Unknown) U Unknown
Jakubowski, Ed U 20 ‡
Jordan, Lefty E Unknown
Levantis, Steve T 25 Boston College
McKenzie, Donald “Shanty” Sr. T 21 Western Tech HS (Toronto, ON)
Meikle, Mike HB Unknown Cobourg Galloping Ghosts Int.
Moore, Cal C Unknown Sarnia Cediems Jr.
Morris, Elwyn HB Unknown
Oliphant, George T 25 Western Ontario
Reid, Pat E Unknown
Scott, Stew HB Unknown Toronto (UofT)
Selkirk, Earl FW Unknown
Staughton, Len G 29 Toronto Argonauts Jr.
Storey, Roy “Red” HB 23
Stukus, Annis QB 26 Toronto Argonauts Jr.
Stukus, Frank FB 23 ‡ Central Tech HS (Toronto, ON)
Stukus, Bill QB 25 St. Michael's HS (Toronto, ON)
Wedley, Jack E 24 Northern (Vocational) HS (Toronto, ON)
Williams, Frank C Unknown
Zock, Bill T 23 ‡

– Age at start of 1941 season (Sept. 27, 1941).
– Exact birth date unknown. Age is approximate and may be ±1 year or more.


  • 28 — Mark Estep (Player participation)


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