Understanding Statistics and Abbr.

Explanation of statistics and abbreviations featured on the site. If you have questions about terms not listed here, please contact me so they may be added.

  • EFF – Quarterback efficiency rating; also PER (Pass Efficiency Rating)
  • QUAR – New (introduced 2017) CFL Quarterback statistical ranking formula
Receivers and Running Backs
  • +10, +20 – Receptions/Rushes of 10 or more and 20 or more yards respectively.
  • 2D – second down conversions (reception or rush resulted in successful first down)
  • TGT – Targets, number of times quarterback targeted a receiver, whether the ball was completed, incomplete or intercepted.
  • TKL FL – Tackle for Loss
  • PKD – Pass Knocked Down
  • ST TKL – Special Teams Tackle