1939 Montreal Royals Game Participation by Player

Jersey Name Position Experience
League (Team)
Allen, Jim HB 2nd (2nd) Unknown 6
Anton, Andy T R (1st) Unknown 5
Armstrong, Jim G, T R (1st) Unknown 5
Brown, Glen G 5th (5th) 25 ‡ North Carolina State 6
Cicero, Joe HB, K R (1st) Unknown 6
Daniels, Lloyd E 2nd (2nd) Unknown 6
Davies, Bill FW 4th (4th) 23 6
Dube, Paul G, T R (1st) Unknown 1
Hall, Don E, FW 2nd (2nd) Unknown 6
Halpert, William “Buster” E 2nd (2nd) 23 ‡ 4
Hamilton, Jim E 2nd (2nd) Unknown 6
Harfield, Archie G 2nd (2nd) Unknown 6
Irwin, Bill QB R (1st) Unknown 6
Jotkus, Pete HB, T 8th (8th) 29 Westmount Jr. 6
Lagendyke, Jack E R (1st) Unknown 5
Londei, Gorizio “Griz” E, FW 2nd (2nd) Unknown 6
Marshall, Doug HB R (1st) Unknown 4
Mathieu, Laurie HB 6th (6th) Unknown 1
McCullagh, Leo QB R (1st) Unknown 3
McGarry, Paul G R (1st) 24 ‡ Toronto Parkdale Lions Jr. 6
McPhail, Jim HB R (1st) Unknown 3
Murray, Ken QB 4th (4th) Unknown 6
Noseworthy, Gord HB, K 2nd (2nd) 20 West Hill HS (Montreal, QC) 5
Parsons, Mac C 2nd (2nd) Unknown 5
Richman, Joey E, HB 2nd (2nd) 24 4
Searight, Jerry C 4th (2nd) 27 ‡ North Dakota 6
Segatore, Louis “Slug” G, T 5th (5th) 27 ‡ Loyola 5
Westman, Herb E R (1st) Unknown 3
Young, Ted HB R (1st) Unknown Queen's 5

– Age at start of 1939 season (Oct. 7, 1939).
– Exact birth date unknown. Age is approximate and may be ±1 year or more.


  • 29 — Steve Daniel/CFL (Player participation)


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