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Contributor Items
1 Steve Daniel/CFL 37,037
2 Mark Estep 27,167
3 Chris Sinclair 3,345
4 Dennis Bidwell 1,433
5 Gridiron Uniform DB/Bill Schaefer 1,103
6 CFL 726
7 Robert Sproule 441
8 Jim Melnyk 105
9 Jon Soyka/CFHOF 102
10 Steven Brainerd 82
11 Cathy Garski/Wpg. BB Alumni Assoc. 72
12 Scott Grant 60
13 Mike Smith-Knutsen 57
14 Claude Brochu 27
15 Bradley Parker 16

List of all Contributors to CFLdb Statistics

Anonymous, Blake Dermott, Bob Shaw, Bradley Parker, Cathy Garski/Wpg. BB Alumni Assoc., CFL, Chris Sinclair, Claude Brochu, Colin Gardiner, Dennis Bidwell, Douglas Mutch, Francois Rodrigue, Gary Cobb, Gary Coughlin, Gary Pooler, Geoff Brown, George Rosenau, Gridiron Uniform DB/Bill Schaefer, Jason E, Jim Melnyk, Jon Soyka/CFHOF, Lucas Michtics, Mark Estep, Mike Smith-Knutsen, Paul Clatney, Ravi Ramkissoonsingh, Robert Sproule, Scott Grant, Steve Daniel/CFL, Steve Dixon, Steven Brainerd, Tim Capper, Timothy O’Hara, Warren Chubey

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