The Toronto Argonauts Player Roster for the 1945 Season

1945 Toronto Argonauts Game Participation by Player
Name Position Experience
League (Team)
Ascott, Les C, G 2nd (2nd) 6
Bainbridge, Tom G R (1st) 5
Bell, Billy HB, P R (1st) 6
Briggs, Bill G, HB R (1st) 2
Brown, Doug G, T R (1st) 4
Carr-Harris, Phil HB R (1st) 4
Carter, Bev HB R (1st) 2
Cassidy, Len E R (1st) 3
Copeland, Royal E, HB R (1st) 6
Courtney, Ted G, T R (1st) 2
Curtin, Bob G R (1st) 6
Doty, Fred “Scooter” QB R (1st) 4
Egan, Moe U R (1st) 1
Glenn, Tom C, G R (1st) 6
Goyer, Vern G, T R (1st) 0
Graham, Jim HB R (1st) 1
Hickey, Frank HB R (1st) 5
Hiltz, D'Arcy HB R (1st) 2
Jarvis, Johnny HB — (1st) 0
Karrys, Byron HB R (1st) 6
Karrys, Steve HB R (1st) 4
Krol, Joe “King” QB, K R (1st) 1
Leeming, Jack E R (1st) 4
Levantis, Steve G, T 5th (5th) 5
Morris, Frankie G, T R (1st) 5
Myers, Billy HB R (1st) 5
Obernesser, Jack U R (1st) 2
O'Brien, Jim HB — (1st) 0
Pruski, Steve G R (1st) 4
Reid, Pat E 5th (5th) 6
Richardson, Bruce G, T R (1st) 4
Roe, Jack U R (1st) 1
Skidmore, Art FW, P R (1st) 6
Smith, Rodgers “Tuffy” G 3rd (3rd) 3
Smylie, Doug FW, K R (1st) 5
Smylie, Rod FW, HB R (1st) 2
Sullivan, Murray HB R (1st) 4
Tommy, Andy HB 9th (1st) 4
Upper, Al U R (1st) 1
Waldon, Tommy QB R (1st) 3
Wedley, Jack E 4th (4th) 4
Zock, Bill G, T 5th (5th) 5


  • 42 — Steve Daniel/CFL (Player participation)


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