The Edmonton Eskimos Player Roster for the 1973 Season

1973 Edmonton Eskimos Game Participation by Player
Jersey Name Position Experience
League (Team)
Abofs, Harry HB 3rd (2nd) 8
Adam, Garry T R (1st) 4
Beaton, John DB R (1st) 10
Bell, Roy RB 2nd (2nd) 16
Belser, Ceasar DB 2nd (2nd) 12
Bridges, Harold “Bubba” DE R (1st) 3
Britts, Sam LB R (1st) 16
Butler, Al DB 2nd (1st) 1
Chown, Tom WR R (1st) 3
Clarke, Bob LB R (1st) 16
Cooper, Billy HB 10th (1st) 9
Cutler, Dave K 5th (5th) 16
Dupuis, Dick DB 9th (6th) 9
Estay, Ron DE 2nd (1st) 13
Farlinger, John WR R (1st) 13
Forwick, Ron DE 9th (9th) 16
Foster, Gene “Geno” HB 3rd (3rd) 13
Griffin, Jerry LB 7th (7th) 5
Harrell, Calvin RB 2nd (2nd) 2
Henshall, Jim DB 4th (4th) 9
Herbert, Dave LB 2nd (2nd) 6
Highbaugh, Larry HB 3rd (2nd) 16
Howes, Bob C 6th (2nd) 16
Huff, Marty LB R (1st) 6
Knechtel, Dave DT 6th (1st) 16
Kupp, Andy T R (1st) 1
LaGrone, John, III DT 7th (7th) 16
Lambros, Mike LB 2nd (2nd) 5
LeFebvre, Garry WR, P 8th (6th) 16
Lemmerman, Bruce QB 3rd (3rd) 16
Martin, Willie T R (1st) 16
McGowan, George WR 3rd (3rd) 16
McGregor, Bob RB 2nd (2nd) 16
Molstad, Ed DE 6th (6th) 16
Norrie, Bayne DB 6th (6th) 2
Saunders, John, III DB R (1st) 2
Scales, Roger G 5th (2nd) 16
Scarber, Sam FB 3rd (3rd) 1
Svitak, Steve DT 2nd (1st) 6
Syme, Dave QB 2nd (2nd) 16
Taylor, Bobby WR 13th (3rd) 6
Travis, Pete C, T 5th (4th) 9
Turner, Charlie G, T 6th (3rd) 15
Walls, Tyrone E 2nd (2nd) 16
Warrington, Don HB 3rd (3rd) 16
Watkins, Larry T 4th (2nd) 16
Wilkinson, Tom QB 7th (2nd) 16
Worobec, Joe G, T R (1st) 3