The Montreal Alouettes Player Roster for the 1973 Season

1973 Montreal Alouettes Game Participation by Player
Name Position Experience
League (Team)
Ah You, Junior DE 2nd (2nd) 8
Allen, Barclay DB 4th (2nd) 8
Bonnett, Pat G R (1st) 14
Bowens, Cecil DE R (1st) 4
Brady, Jim DB R (1st) 5
Braggins, Dave, Jr. G 6th (2nd) 14
Buono, Wally LB 2nd (2nd) 14
Butler, Al DB 2nd (2nd) 1
Code, Merl DB 4th (4th) 1
Conrad, Wayne C, G 2nd (2nd) 14
Crennel, Carl LB 3rd (2nd) 14
Dalla Riva, Peter TE 6th (6th) 14
Evanshen, Terry WR 9th (5th) 14
Ferrughelli, Steve RB R (1st) 8
Florio, Rudy RB R (1st) 14
Gaines, Gene DB 13th (5th) 5
George, Ed T 4th (4th) 14
Harris, Mark K R (1st) 7
Harris, Dickie DB 2nd (2nd) 10
Harvey, John RB R (1st) 14
Highsmith, Wally T 3rd (3rd) 1
Huard, John QB 2nd (2nd) 6
Jack, Brian TE R (1st) 13
Jones, Jimmy QB R (1st) 14
Judges, Gord DT 5th (5th) 14
LeHeup, John DL R (1st) 1
Luster, Marv DB 13th (5th) 14
Mahi, Don RB R (1st) 2
Maloney, Mike DT 2nd (2nd) 14
Mira, George QB 2nd (2nd) 10
Nettles, Jim LB R (1st) 9
Pawlik, Dave LB R (1st) 1
Perowne, Ron DB 2nd (2nd) 12
Price, Phil DB R (1st) 13
Proudfoot, Tony DB 3rd (3rd) 14
Pryor, Cecil, Jr. DE R (1st) 5
Randall, Barry G 7th (7th) 14
Rodgers, Johnny “Ordinary Superstar” RB R (1st) 14
Smith, Larry HB 2nd (2nd) 14
Smith, Ward HB 3rd (1st) 9
Sweet, Don K 2nd (2nd) 14
Upshaw, Brad DB 3rd (3rd) 2
Wade, Jesse “Sonny” QB 5th (5th) 1
Weir, Glen DT 2nd (2nd) 14
Widger, Mike LB 4th (4th) 14
Yochum, Dan T 2nd (2nd) 14