QB Dieter Brock WPG
RB Jim Germany EDM
RB Larry Key BC
TE Joey Walters SSK
SB Joe Poplawski WPG
WR Brian Kelly EDM
WR James Scott MTL
C Al Wilson BC
G Val Belcher OTT
G Larry Butler WPG
T Hector Pothier EDM
T Bill Stevenson EDM
DT Dave Fennell EDM
DT Mike Raines OTT
DE David Boone, Jr. EDM
DE Greg Marshall OTT
MLB Dan Kepley EDM
OLB James “Quick” Parker EDM
OLB Ben Zambiasi HAM
DHB Ed “Too Small” Jones EDM
DHB Harold Woods HAM
CB Ray Odums CGY
CB David Shaw HAM
S Randy Rhino OTT
Special Teams
P Hank Ilesic EDM
K Trevor Kennerd WPG

* – indicates unanimous selection

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Conference Breakdown
Conference Player Count
Eastern Conference 8 (30.77%)
Western Conference 18 (69.23%)
Division All-Star Teams
1981 Eastern Conference All-Stars
1981 Western Conference All-Stars

Career to 1981 Player All-Star Selections

Player Season All-Canadian Selection Division Selection
Belcher, Val 3rd 2nd 2nd
Boone, David Jr. 7th 1st 3rd
Brock, Dieter 8th 2nd 2nd
Butler, Larry 6th 3rd 6th
Fennell, Dave 8th 5th 5th
Germany, Jim 5th 1st 2nd
Ilesic, Hank 5th 4th 4th
Jones, Ed “Too Small” 6th 3rd 4th
Kelly, Brian 3rd 3rd 3rd
Kennerd, Trevor 2nd 1st 1st
Kepley, Dan 7th 5th 5th
Key, Larry 4th 2nd 2nd
Marshall, Greg 2nd 1st 1st
Odums, Ray 8th 2nd 3rd
Parker, James “Quick” 2nd 1st 1st
Poplawski, Joe 4th 2nd 2nd
Pothier, Hector 4th 1st 1st
Raines, Mike 8th 1st 4th
Rhino, Randy 7th 3rd 3rd
Scott, James 1st 1st 1st
Shaw, David 7th 3rd 3rd
Stevenson, Bill 7th 2nd 3rd
Walters, Joey 6th 1st 1st
Wilson, Al 10th 7th 7th
Woods, Harold 4th 1st 2nd
Zambiasi, Ben 4th 4th 4th

Number of times player, through 1981, has been selected to First Team All-Canadian and Division All-Star teams. Named to divisional team on offense and defense counts as two selections.

Note: All-Canadian selections began in 1962, division selections began in 1932 (IRFU) and 1937 (WIFU).

1981 Team All-Star Selections

Team All-Canadian Selections Division Selections
Edmonton Eskimos 10 10
Winnipeg Blue Bombers 4 8
Ottawa Rough Riders 4 6
Hamilton Tiger-Cats 3 15
BC Lions 2 3
Saskatchewan Roughriders 1 5
Montreal Alouettes 1 3
Calgary Stampeders 1 2



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